Second Opinions

Second Opinion, Consultation, and Review of CT scans and MRI

Dr. Virk is available for the second opinion and a comprehensive review of imaging studies like CT scans and MRI. If you require Dr. Virk’s services, please reach out to us and we will help in every possible way.


We do ask that you provide us with the following information prior to the office visit


  • • Pertinent medical records including surgery notes (operative notes), x-ray/CT scan/MRI report and other pertaining written records
  • • X-ray, CT and MRI images on CD
  • • Fill out the New Patient Forms


We will contact you after Dr Virk and his team reviews your records and we will let you know the next steps.

You can reach us at:


Neil Valerio

T 646-356-9408, 646-356-9407

F 646-356-9413


Melissa Fischer

T 646-356-9408; 646-356-9407

F 646-356-9413