Conditions Treated and Procedures Performed

Treatment Philosophy


My treatment philosophy revolves around total patient care and shared decision-making. After a diagnosis is made, I prefer to start with least invasive treatment unless you have a fracture that requires immediate surgery. I offer variety of non-operative treatment modalities including physical therapy and modalities, corticosteroids injections, activity modification and stem cells and PRP injections.

Common surgical procedures offered to the patients

Shoulder arthritis and cartilage disorders of the shoulder


  • • Computer navigated shoulder replacement
  • • Shoulder preservation surgery (Posterior Bone Block Procedure)
  • • Partial and total shoulder replacement (TSA)
  • • Reverse shoulder replacement (RTSA)
  • • Stemless shoulder arthroplasty
  • • Arthroscopic management of shoulder arthritis
  • • “Ream and Run” procedure
  • • Surface replacement and biologic resurfacing
  • • Revision shoulder replacement
  • • Shoulder fusion
Rotator cuff repair
Rotator Cuff Tears


  • • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  • • Open rotator cuff repair
  • • Tendon transfers (Latissimus transfer)
  • • PRP and stem cell treatment
  • • Arthroscopic debridement of calcific tendinitis
Elbow Arthritis


    • • Total elbow replacement (TEA)
    • • Partial elbow replacement
    • • Arthroscopic elbow debridement
    • • Open elbow debridement
    • • Revision elbow replacement
MandeepVirk - Total Elbow Replacement TEA
MandeepVirk - Elbow body removal
Shoulder Dislocation and Instability


  • • Arthroscopic labral repair
  • • Latarjet procedure
  • • SLAP repair and open biceps tenodesis
  • • Fresh Osteochondral Allograft (OCA) reconstruction of glenoid or humerus
Tendon Injuries
MandeepVirk - Distal biceps repair
MandeepVirk - Triceps repair
      • • Reconstruction and repair of distal biceps
      • • Reconstruction and repair of triceps tendon
      • • Arthroscopic or open (subpectoral) biceps tenodesis
Pectoralis Major Tendon Tear (Acute and Chronic)
MandeepVirk - Pectoralis major tear
      • • Reconstruction and repair of Pectoralis Major tendon
      • • Reconstruction of chronic tears with allograft tendon
Elbow Ligament Injuries


      • • Tommy John surgery- UCL ligament reconstruction
      • • UCL repair
      • • PRP and stem cell treatment of UCL injuries
      • • Lateral collateral ligament reconstruction
Acromioclavicular and Sternoclavicular Joint Dislocations
      • • Anatomic reconstruction of coracoclavicular ligaments (ACCR)
      • • Arthroscopic AC joint stabilization
      • • Open fixation of sternoclavicular joint dislocations
Weightlifter’s Shoulder or Acromioclavicular Joint Arthritis
MandeepVirk - Weightlifter shoulder
      • • Arthroscopic distal clavicle excision (DCE)

Fractures of clavicle, shoulder, elbow and forearm


Nerve Related Conditions of Shoulder and Elbow

      • • Quadrangular space release for axillary nerve
      • • Cubital tunnel release at the elbow with ulnar nerve transposition


Scapular winging and snapping scapula

      • • Scapulothoracic arthroscopy and fusion
      • • Tendon transfer (pectoralis major transfer)


Cartilage Disorders

      • • Arthroscopic or Open treatment of OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans) of elbow including bone grafting
      • • Osteochondral Allograft for Humerus or Glenoid


Elbow Tendon Disorders

      • • Arthroscopic surgery for Tennis elbow
      • • PRP or stem cell injection for Tennis or Golfer’s elbow
MandeepVirk - Elbow arthroscopy